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CRM Solution for Real Estate

Real estate origanations are looking at increasing their brand value and ways to market smarter so that the lead generation gets cost effective and right kind of audience is targeted . Our solution can organizations evaluate the market sentiments and generate cost effective leads. Besides this we can help them to meet customer expectations through a very robust platform.

Sales Engagement

Organisation can get a complete view of the customer engagement . You can have a richer experience of customer engagement with timelines &  visibility. It is easier for organisations to manage leads , qualify them clinically and engage on the focussed segment.

Customer Services

Organisations will get to know their customers well with complete 360 degree view. This makes easier to address the queries and resolve them as per service level aggrements.


Market the products better, reach your prospects digitally, be effective on social media and reduce the cost of leads generated. Utilize one single integrated system that weaves the customer sales and services solution.

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